Why choose a career with us?

CIT Blaton provides you with a human-centred work environment within a growing company in the construction industry.

Our Company

CIT Blaton has been an independent, family-owned company for over 159 years. With projects in all areas of the construction industry, as well as expertise and financial strength, it can look forward to a bright future.

In Belgium, CIT Blaton is a major player in the construction sector. Its projects, characterised by their large scale, are known to all. Our employees can be proud of these achievements.

CIT Blaton's turnover is over € 430 million. The company's 700 employees are the main drivers in the growth of its business.

The company takes its social responsibility seriously and plays an active role in the protection of the environment through a policy of waste management and CO2 emissions reduction. CIT Blaton also supports many non-profit associations such as Les Petits Riens.

At the human level

CIT Blaton is a company with a family structure and spirit. There are only two hierarchical levels between management and employees. This enables constant dialogue amongst all employees, and management is attentive to all.

Our staff's training is one of our priorities. More than 13,000 hours are allocated to training in Lean Management, Quality monitoring through the APROPLAN platform, technical skills or management.

There are genuine growth opportunities within the company. Our people like to work for CIT Blaton and are loyal: the average seniority is nine years. Our site teams are made up of experienced and junior profiles. Junior employees are suitably supervised and coached by their seniors. Each person's tasks are varied, and all the members of a team are given responsibilities.

For CIT Blaton, the well-being, health and safety of our staff are paramount.