Our commitments

Quality, safety, innovation, environment protection, or investments. At CIT Blaton, our commitments cover all these areas, and more.


In each of its projects, CIT Blaton builds sustainable structures for its customers, while applying the standards in force in its processes. 

  • ISO 9001 Quality standard: monitoring of Quality criteria and procedures for civil and industrial construction projects.
  • ISO 45001 and VCAp certified safety: evidence of the importance given to compliance with health and safety rules.
  • ISO 14001 Environment standard: implementation of environmental management for company processes, and in particular on its building sites.
  • Ecodynamic organisation (3 stars): proof of our willingness to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • The CO² Performance Ladder is the sustainability tool that helps companies and governments to reduce CO² and costs, in operations, in projects and in the chain.

CIT Blaton environment commitment

Our innovation drive is reflected in the quality of our work; the widespread use of LETSBUILD (Aproplan) on all our sites is one of the main vectors of our Quality policy. It allows all users to access the data of a building site, track corrective actions and enables more efficient real-time collaboration with all the project's stakeholders. In-house training is planned to improve its use.


By investing heavily and continuously in heavy machinery, CIT Blaton now owns a large fleet of state-of-the-art machines and equipment, which guarantees its independence.

Grue chenille

CIT Blaton holds the “CO2 Neutral” label.

The construction of the first passive office building in Brussels, in this case for its own head office, has given CIT Blaton a pioneering role in environmental matters. ISO 14001 certification and, more recently, a Gold Standard certified carbon offset project, demonstrate CIT Blaton's willingness to assume its climate responsibility instead of passing it on to subsequent generations.