CIT Blaton has obtained many accreditations from the FPS Economy to manage public works contracts. They reflect the technical and financial capabilities, as well as the professional integrity of the company.

The accreditations are proof of high quality and good workmanship.

CIT Blaton's accreditations classes are as follows:

Entreprise n° 0435112207 

Valid until 23/04/2024

Class 8: up to 260.000.000 EUR

D - General building contractors

D1 - All major building and roofing works

D14 - Glazing

D16 - Sanitary installations and gas heating installations with individual devices

D17 - Central heating, thermal installations

D18 - Ventilation, hot air heating, air conditioning

D20 - Metal joinery

D24 - Restoration of monuments

D4 - Sound or heat insulation, light partitions, false ceilings and false floors, prefabricated or otherwise

D5 - General carpentry, wooden frames and stairs

E - General civil engineering contractors

E1 - Sewer mains

E2 - Deep foundations on piles, sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls

P1 - Electrical installations of buildings, including electric generators, fire and theft detection equipment, remote transmissions in buildings and their vicinity and installation of mixed telephony equipment.

Class 7: 5.330.000 EUR -- 43.000.000 EUR

F - General contractors for metallic constructions

F2 - Metallic supporting structures

G - General earthworks contractors

Class 6: 3.225.000 EUR -- 26.000.000 EUR

C - General road works contractors

C1 - Routine sewerage work

P2 - Electrical and electromechanical structural or industrial installations and exterior electrical installations

P3 - Installation of overhead power lines

S1 - Public telephony and telegraphy equipment

Class 5: 1.810.000 EUR -- 14.500.000 EUR

D13 - Painting

D29 - Industrial floor screeds and coverings

D7 - Ironwork

Class 4: 900.000 EUR -- 7.000.000 EUR

D10 - Tiles

D11 - Plastering

D6 - Marble and stone cutting

D8 - Roofing of asphaltic or similar roofs, sealing work

N1 - Elevators, freight elevators, escalators and moving walkways