Our values

Our values are summarised in the CIT Blaton Life Charter, a document in which the company makes a commitment to itself and to its employees and partners. CIT Blaton upholds 4 values contained in the Charter thanks to the active participation of all its staff: respect, tradition and development, proficiency, service.


In our daily activities, we respect the people with whom we work. Blue-collar and white-collar workers, executive and shareholders, we all want to move forward together and see our projects through in a spirit of mutual respect. We extend this same respect to both our customers and our suppliers.

Tradition and development

We are proud of the expertise, achievements and history of our company. The family tradition of our company constitutes its strength and stability. We believe that we consistently do our bit for the success of the company. We are firmly focused on progress and the future. Our capacity to move forward is an integral part of our tradition.


Our business approach is based on our proficiency in the techniques we deploy, our proficiency in maintaining the relations with our suppliers and partners, and our proficiency in controlling budgets and meeting deadlines. We are keen to preserve, develop and hand down our expertise within our company.


We see our profession as a service that we provide to our customers. We position ourselves as our customers’ preferred partner for the implementation of their projects. By being proactive, attentive to our customers’ wishes, anticipating developments and being creative, we demonstrate that we prefer to deliver solutions than solve problems.