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2 New Projects for CIT Blaton

CIT Blaton announces two major new contracts for the construction of Loom and Groene Wandeling

Brussels, June 2, 2024 - CIT Blaton, a leading player in the Belgian construction sector, is delighted to announce two major new contracts for the construction of two large-scale residential projects: Loom and Groene Wandeling.

Loom: a haven of peace in the heart of the European Quarter

Located in the heart of Brussels' European Quarter, Loom is an ambitious transformation project that will breathe new life into three existing buildings in Befimmo's portfolio. This mixed-use project will offer a total surface area of approximately 24,000 m² spread over flexible and modern workspaces, coliving residential units, a range of services and facilities, and a magnificent courtyard garden.

More info on this project here.

Groene Wandeling: modern and convivial living space for students

Located in Anderlecht, Groene Wandeling is an ambitious residential project aimed at creating modern and convivial living space for students, with the goal of stimulating the revitalisation of the surrounding neighbourhood. The residence consists of two separate buildings: a new building along the Nieuwewandeling offering 145 spacious and bright rooms, and a new building adjacent to an existing warehouse with 64 rooms at a lower price.

More info on this project here.

CIT Blaton: a reliable partner for sustainable and innovative projects

CIT Blaton is proud to contribute to the realisation of these two large-scale projects that respond to the current and future challenges of the cities of Brussels and Ghent. Our company is committed to building sustainable and innovative projects that respect the environment and promote the well-being of residents.

With these two new contracts, CIT Blaton confirms its position as a leader in the Belgian construction sector.